• Flair Hotel zum Stern - Oberaula
  • Flair Hotel zum Stern - Oberaula
  • Flair Hotel zum Stern - Oberaula
  • Flair Hotel zum Stern - Oberaula
  • Flair Hotel zum Stern - Oberaula
  • Flair Hotel zum Stern - Oberaula
  • Flair Hotel zum Stern - Oberaula
  • Flair Hotel zum Stern - Oberaula
  • Flair Hotel zum Stern - Oberaula
  • Flair Hotel zum Stern - Oberaula



Baked sheep’s milk cheese on grilled courgettes  
with tomato mango ragout and marinated rocket 10.50€
Salad of white and green asparagus  
with home-marinated salmon, cress and melted tomatoes 12.50€
Fried spring chicken with corn salad,  
roasted seeds and pumpkin grape chutney 12.50€
Beef carpaccio with lime herb marinade,  
Parmesan cheese and rocket 11.50€



Varied salads with roasted stripes of turkey  
and balsamic vinaigrette 11.00€
Small fillet steak (160 gr.)  
with herb butter and variety of crispy salad  18.50€



Broth of prime boiled beef with root vegetables and Swabian ravioli 5.00€
Wild garlic cream soup with strips of ham and croutons 5.50€
Asparagus cream soup with smoked local trout 6.00€



Whole baked Herzberg trout with almond butter,  
served with parsley potatoes and side salad 17.00€
Tender fillet of white herring  
with apple, onion, cucumber herb sour cream and fried potatoes 11.50€
Fried pike-perch fillet with King prawn,  
smoked paprika sauce, spring onion and basil noodles 21.00€
Fried fillet of Atlantic salmon with lime sauce,  
pepper, courgettes and wild garlic gnocchi 21.00€


Vegetarian dishes

Wild garlic gnocchi with smoked paprika sauce,  
baked blue cheese and aubergine crisps 13.50€


Fresh asparagus

Portion of German asparagus spears  
with melted butter or Sauce Hollandaise and  
new potatoes 15.50€
mixed ham 6.50€
pork fillet escalope 7.50€
fried salmon fillet 8.50€
small fillet of beef (120 gram) 13.50€

Meat – our classic dishes

Country-style black pudding, fried with glazed apples  
and onion, served with fried potatoes 9.80€
Two small pork cutlets “Viennese style”  
with fried potatoes and side salad 12.00€
Hesse-style cutlet in cream sauce,  
served with diced ham and leek in mushroom sauce, with fried potatoes and a side salad 13.50€
Pork cutlet “Cordon bleu”  
with ham and cheese filling, served with fried potatoes and a side salad 14.00€
Loin of pork with chanterelle and sherry cream sauce,  
with Spätzle (Swabian pasta speciality) and a side salad 17.50€
Prime boiled veal  
with sour cream sauce with herbs and boiled eggs  
and with spring onions and boiled potatoes 18.50€
Shoulder and saddle of lamb with wild garlic sauce,  
beans and gratinated potatoes
Rump steak (250g)  
with croquette potatoes and a side salad  
with pepper sauce 23.50€
with onions and melted butter 24.00€
Fillet steak (220g) with crispy herb gratin  
and shallots in red wine, green beans wrapped in bacon and fried potato patties 28.00€


Game from local forests

Wild boar piglet ragout with mushrooms,  
with cranberry sauce, Swabian noodles and a side salad  
Wild boar cutlet stuffed with fried mushrooms, bacon and shallots,  
served with fried potatoes and a side salad 19.50€
Medium roasted saddle of roe deer  
with juniper gravy and sautéed mushrooms, served with kohlrabi and fried potato patties 25.50€


Cold snacks

Farmhouse bread with “Aahle Wurscht” (air-dried, lightly smoked hard pork sausage, a speciality of North Hesse) 9.00€
Hessian supper platter  
with farmhouse sausage, ham and cheese, with farmhouse bread and butter 11.00€
Little Red Riding Hood’s supper  
Wild boar ham and farmhouse-style “Aahle Wurscht” (air-dried, lightly smoked hard pork sausage, a speciality of North Hesse), raw milk cheese from Little Red Riding Hood Country and processed cheese,  
butter and farmhouse bread  
with a Schwälmer Hännes or Little Red Riding Hood schnapps digestif 13.00€
Beef tartare from Hessian free-range bullocks  
with farmhouse bread and butter 15.50€



Red fruit jelly from selected berries  
with creamy vanilla ice cream 5.00€
Hessian sour cream with berry jelly 5.00€
Fresh fruit salad with coconut liqueur and yoghurt & mango ice cream 6.00€
Vanilla crème brûlée  
with lukewarm rhubarb cake and strawberry ice-cream 7.00€
White chocolate mousse with Grand Marnier sponge,  
mandarin sorbet and macadamia crumble 7.00€
Lepper’s Special Dessert: a selection of delicious specialities 7.50€
Creamy vanilla ice cream with  
raspberries in schnapps 5.00€
hot cherry sauce 5.00€
warm chocolate sauce 5.00€
Selection of ice cream, flavours according to availability  
small portion 3.30€
small portion with cream 3.80€
large portion 5.00€
large portion with cream 5.50€


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